In our hyper-connected, over-stimulated world, we all need some dedicated time to retreat, refresh and recharge.

Taking care of yourself physically and mentally should be a year-round goal, but it’s most important during the winter months when cooler temperatures and less sunshine deliver a 1-2 punch to our happiness levels.

One excellent defense — and one travel advisors can personally vouch for — is taking a wellness vacation.

Here are different ways to add some much-needed wellness to your next vacation, whether that’s this winter or next year.

Types of Wellness Travel
There are many ways a well-timed vacation can chase away the winter blues.

Escape on a weekend trip to a luxurious hotel or resort that offers spa packages where treatments, healthy meals and group activities such as yoga are included with the price of your room.

Head to the closest big city and treat yourself with a shopping extravaganza and glitzy entertainment.

Or go all-in at a dedicated spa resort that draws from the heritage of its unique surroundings, incorporating ancient rituals and local customs into their programs.

Best Destinations for Wellness Vacations
Wellness vacations are a lot like real estate: It’s all about location, location, location — as anyone who’s spent significant time in the mountains or by the sea can attest to.

There’s just something about being by the ocean, hearing the crashing waves and feeling the sea breeze against your face; or being in the desert and seeing nothing but an endless landscape of majestic rock formations that makes you leave all your winter worries behind.

The islands of the Caribbean and seaside towns in Mexico always score high with wellness travelers.

Once you step off the plane and breathe in the ocean air, looking out at the turquoise sea and walking barefoot through the smooth white sand with a cool daiquiri in hand, the bothers of daily life are all but forgotten.

Most all-inclusive resorts also include indulgent spas, so you can join a meditation group at sunrise, have a hot-stone massage by noon and an incredible dinner in the evening.

For a more upscaled island getaway, Hawaii is happy to provide the healing properties that only a tropical paradise can bring.

Whether or not you believe that the islands’ volcanic energies are operating at higher chakra frequencies, it can’t be denied that the placement of verdant jungles and rolling hills next to bright-blue ocean waters and clear skies makes for a special soul-soothing quality.

Of course, there are hundreds of destinations around the world that will help you enjoy some much-needed rest and relaxation. Talk to our travel advisors to personalize a wellness vacation that will have you smiling all winter long.