Welcome to Ait Ben Haddou, Morocco – a small town steeped in history and cinematic allure.

Nestled in the southwestern region of Morocco, Ait Ben Haddou is a place you might find very recognizable, as it has been featured in numerous films and television series.

The ksar, or fortified village, of Ait Ben Haddou has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1987, and it is renowned as the most famous ksar in the world.

Its stunning architecture, intricate design, and rich cultural heritage have made it a favorite among filmmakers seeking to capture its timeless beauty on screen.

Ait Ben Haddou has served as a backdrop for some of Hollywood's most iconic films, including Gladiator, The Mummy, Kingdom of Heaven, and Prince of Persia.

It has also been featured as a filming location for the acclaimed television series, Game of Thrones.

As you explore the winding streets and ancient buildings of Ait Ben Haddou, you'll feel as though you've stepped onto a movie set yourself.

Whether you're admiring the majestic towers and imposing gates or simply soaking in the atmosphere of this historic village, Ait Ben Haddou promises an unforgettable experience that combines history, culture, and cinematic magic.
Don't miss your chance to discover the allure of Ait Ben Haddou and immerse yourself in its storied past.