10 Ports Small boat Cruises can go that the Big Ships cannot

Exploring Europe aboard a small ship offers an intimate and luxurious experience, granting access to enchanting and less crowded ports that large cruise liners can’t reach. Here are ten top cruise ports in Europe ideal for small ship adventures:

1. Porto Venere, Italy

Tucked away on the Ligurian coast, Porto Venere is a picturesque fishing village known for its colorful houses, narrow streets, and a medieval castle. Small ships can easily dock here, providing a gateway to the stunning Cinque Terre region.

2. Hvar, Croatia

Hvar is renowned for its beautiful old town, crystal-clear waters, and vibrant nightlife. The port is to small for large cruise ships, making it perfect for a serene and luxurious visit.

3. Kotor, Montenegro

This UNESCO World Heritage site boasts a dramatic bay surrounded by steep mountains and a well-preserved medieval old town. Kotor’s port, ideal for small ships, offers a peaceful and immersive exploration.

4. Portree, Isle of Skye, Scotland

Portree is a charming harbor town with colorful houses and stunning natural landscapes. It's a gateway to the breathtaking scenery and cultural heritage of the Isle of Skye, perfect for an intimate cruise experience.

5. Syros, Greece

Part of the Cyclades, Syros offers an authentic Greek island experience with its beautiful neoclassical architecture, vibrant markets, and less touristy beaches compared to larger islands like Mykonos and Santorini.

6. Visby, Sweden

Located on the island of Gotland, Visby is a medieval walled town with cobblestone streets and historic buildings. Its small port is perfect for an intimate exploration of this UNESCO World Heritage site.

7. Porto Santo Stefano, Italy

Situated on the Monte Argentario peninsula, Porto Santo Stefano is a charming seaside town with beautiful beaches, a bustling port, and delicious seafood, all without the crowds of larger Italian ports.

8. Lakka, Paxos, Greece

Lakka is a tranquil village on the island of Paxos, known for its turquoise waters and picturesque harbor. It's a hidden gem ideal for a relaxing and serene getaway on a small ship.

9. Stromboli, Italy

Part of the Aeolian Islands, Stromboli offers a unique experience with its active volcano. Small ships can anchor here, giving you the chance to explore the island and witness the stunning eruptions at night.

10. Saint-Malo, France

This walled city in Brittany offers a rich history, stunning coastal views, and beautiful sandy beaches. Its small port caters to smaller vessels, providing a more intimate exploration experience.