Thanks to personal relationships with trusted contacts around the world, along with real-life destination knowledge you can trust, we can take you off the beaten track to experience the best this astonishing city has to offer. Here are some ideas to enjoy a perfect day in Amsterdam.

7:26 AM
Rise and shine to a delectable selection of sweet and savory breakfast options at the complementary full breakfast buffet at MR PORTER restaurant, at the W Amsterdam hotel. This complimentary perk is one of several you get when booking your stay through our agency. The full buffet includes one of several dishes from their a-la-carte menu.

9:10 AM
Immerse yourself in vivid post-impressionist paintings of Vincent van Gogh, at his titular museum. Located within the Museumkwartier, the Museum Quarter, you'll see world-renowned paintings such as Sunflowers (1889), The Bedroom (1888) and Irises (1890). Each painting, with its smears and strokes of color, convey the dynamism of van Gogh's glorious yet troubled creativity.

11:45 AM
Since it's nearby, have lunch at a restaurant that has an appreciation of color and composition almost on par with an impressionist painting. The Avocado Show prepares beautiful dishes with organic, sustainable avocados as the inspiration. Try the inventive poke bowl, which is a thinly sliced avocado shaped, piece by piece, into a shallow bowl with edamame, poke, mango and wakame, all on a bed of sushi rice and sprinkled with sesame seeds.

1:25 PM
For a sense of Amsterdam's community spirit and shopping, visit the Albert Cuyp Market, a couple blocks away from Sarphatipark. Besides being a great place where one can purchase clothes and toys, the Albert Cuyp Market is a fantastic location to nibble on Dutch treats such as stroopwafel, two cooked wafers sandwiched with caramel. There's also poffertjes, Dutch mini pancakes with powdered sugar and a dab of butter.

4:00 PM
After walking along the streets, how about seeing Amsterdam from a different perspective? Head to Amsterdam Centre to rent a fully electric boat from Mokumboot, where you'll tour the Dutch canals at your own pace. The environmentally friendly boats are easy to maneuver.

5:45 PM
During the late afternoon, visit the Anne Frank House to better understand the life of this impactful teenager, known for her diary describing her family's two years of hiding from the Nazis. Read exhibits that describe the Amsterdam of Anne's time and the people who defied, and were complicit, to tyranny.

8:05 PM
After a return to your hotel, enjoy a lovely dinner on-site, at the Duchess, which celebrates light and refined flavors from the South of France and Italy.

10:10 PM
After dinner, enjoy drinks at the bar of MR PORTER with your 100 USD hotel credit you received for booking through our agency. And finish the evening with a stroll through the neighborhoods near the canals, where the lights of the buildings reflect off the calm waters.