The Glacier Express: Switzerland’s Scenic Masterpiece

The Glacier Express is more than just a train journey; it's a spectacular voyage through some of Switzerland's most breathtaking landscapes. Known as the "slowest express train in the world," the Glacier Express offers an unforgettable travel experience, combining luxury, comfort, and unparalleled scenic beauty. Spanning 291 kilometers, the route connects the renowned mountain resorts of Zermatt and St. Moritz, crossing 291 bridges and passing through 91 tunnels.

A Scenic Marvel

The Glacier Express traverses some of the most picturesque regions of the Swiss Alps, offering panoramic views of majestic mountains, deep gorges, and verdant valleys. Highlights of the journey include:

  • The Oberalp Pass: At an elevation of 2,033 meters, this is the highest point on the route. Passengers are treated to stunning vistas of snow-capped peaks and alpine meadows.
  • The Rhine Gorge: Often referred to as the "Swiss Grand Canyon," this dramatic landscape features steep cliffs and winding riverbeds, providing a striking contrast to the surrounding greenery.
  • The Landwasser Viaduct: A UNESCO World Heritage site, this impressive six-arched viaduct spans the Landwasser River and leads directly into a tunnel carved into the mountainside, showcasing remarkable engineering against a backdrop of natural beauty.

Luxury and Comfort Onboard

The Glacier Express prides itself on offering a luxurious and comfortable travel experience. The train's modern panoramic cars are designed to maximize the viewing experience, with large windows extending up to the ceiling, allowing passengers to fully immerse themselves in the surrounding scenery.

  • First-Class and Excellence Class: Passengers can choose between First-Class and the ultra-luxurious Excellence Class. Both classes offer spacious, comfortable seating, but Excellence Class provides an even more exclusive experience with guaranteed window seats, a dedicated concierge service, and a five-course gourmet meal.
  • Gourmet Dining: Dining on the Glacier Express is a highlight in itself. Passengers can savor delicious Swiss cuisine, freshly prepared and served at their seats. The menu features regional specialties and is paired with an excellent selection of Swiss wines.

A Journey Through Swiss Culture and Heritage

The Glacier Express is not only a visual feast but also a journey through the rich culture and heritage of Switzerland. The train travels through charming alpine villages, historic towns, and past ancient castles, offering a glimpse into the country's diverse history and traditions.

  • Zermatt: The journey begins or ends in this famous resort town, home to the iconic Matterhorn. Visitors can explore its car-free streets, visit the Matterhorn Museum, or take a cable car to the summit of the Klein Matterhorn for stunning views.
  • St. Moritz: This luxurious resort town is known for its world-class skiing, upscale boutiques, and vibrant cultural scene. It has hosted the Winter Olympics twice and is a hub for winter sports enthusiasts.

Year-Round Adventure

The Glacier Express operates year-round, offering different yet equally stunning experiences in each season. In winter, the snow-covered landscapes transform the journey into a magical winter wonderland, while in summer, the lush green valleys and colorful wildflowers create a vivid and vibrant tableau.


The Glacier Express is more than just a train ride; it's an iconic Swiss experience that combines natural beauty, luxury, and cultural richness. Whether you are a seasoned traveler or visiting Switzerland for the first time, the Glacier Express offers a unique and unforgettable way to explore the heart of the Swiss Alps. With its panoramic views, exceptional service, and gourmet dining, it is a journey that promises to delight and inspire at every turn.