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Wine River Cruises

Here are some great river cruises for wine lovers.

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Rhine & Moselle Splendors Wine Cruise

COUNTRIES: France, Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland
RIVERS: Rhine, Moselle

1 night Paris, France + 2 nights Reims (Champagne), 7-night Wasserbillig, Luxembourg to Basel, Switzerland cruise & 2 nights Lucerne + 2 nights Zurich

Expand your imagination in fairytale villages—enchanting Cochem where folklore and history come alive in every street, and in well-preserved Bernkastel with its medieval Market Square and half-timbered houses. Whimsical fantasies abound at Siegfried’s Mechanical Musical Instrument Museum and at the Palace Gardens of Schwetzingen, a cultural heritage site of European significance with more than 100 sculptures scattered throughout its surprising landscape. Blend German heritage with Italian in Trier, with its Roman Imperial Baths and the Porta Nigra; and with French heritage in Strasbourg, and you have the most splendid journey.


Romantic Danube Wine Cruise

COUNTRIES: Austria, Germany, Hungary, Slovakia
RIVERS: Danube

2 nights Munich, Germany & 7-night Vilshofen to Budapest, Hungary cruise

Those longing for the romance of Old World Europe will get to travel into the very heart of the continent, where empires were built, kings and queens were crowned and some of the world’s greatest music was composed and performed by the likes of Mozart and Beethoven. Grand European cities like Vienna, Bratislava and Budapest forever remain timeless. Admire the beauty of Salzburg and the Czech Republic’s charming mountain town, Ceský Krumlov. From grand abbeys and fortresses perched high above the Danube to plentiful iconic UNESCO World Heritage Sites, be romanced by the Danube with all her regal and romantic splendor.


Taste of Bordeaux

RIVERS: Garonne, Dordogne

2 nights Bilbao, Spain + 2 nights San Sebastián, 7-night roundtrip Bordeaux, France cruise & 2 nights Loire Valley + 1 night Paris

Travel to France’s legendary wine capital, Bordeaux. Iconic châteaux, timeless vineyards and delicious wine tastings are plentiful as you visit Libourne, Blaye, Bourg, Pauillac and Cadillac. This trip is a must for anyone interested in the best of French culture, lifestyle, wine and food.

Small Boat Ocean  Cruising Wine Cruises

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